BPI Canada was formed to address the quality of work done when retrofitting existing residential homes in Canada.  BPI Canada is focusing on building an energy retrofit industry by building on existing program and working with existing stakeholders.   BPI Canada will do this by building a complete site quality assurance program which includes assisting persons to become building professionals in installing energy efficient measures.  The installation process shall always keep in mind health and safety issues for both the workers and for the occupants of the home. 


Homeowners are looking to be able to identify contractors who are held to a high standard of quality for both supplying materials and products and for proper and professional installations.  The contractor management must have a requirement for a high level of quality by their workers in addition to the workers needing to know and understand proper technical installation processes.

Homeowners also need an organization to turn to when things go wrong.  This organizations needs to work with them to have issues dealt with.

BPI Canada is that organization.

By identifying standards for materials, products, installations and applications and by setting performance requirements for the manufacturer, the contractor and the installer, BPI Canada will raise the bar of the retrofit industry and provide a new level of confidence to homeowners. 

Many of the 7.3 million homes in Canada are not as energy efficient as they should be. These homes offer a significant opportunity for improvement while suffering from inflated energy consumption due to poor thermal comfort to indoor air quality issues.

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